My Love

Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday we brought out sweet baby girl into this world and now we are approaching two months that she has blessed our lives. I think the most amazing thing about this whole experience with three children is watching the love that the other two have for this sweet & small angel. From the day she was born, the day they met her, they have loved every bit of her 5 pounds and 15 ounces without any reservations or jealousy. I suppose this is because our first two are now six and eight years old? All I know is that I am beyond overwhelmed by their love and willingness to help and most importantly the patience they display. Life over here is good. We are living on a little less sleep but seeing her sweet face at any time during the night isn’t all that bad…I just love this little girl with all my heart and rather than her feeling like an addition to our family, it feels like she completes it. Like a seat was empty and for 6 years we waited to fill it with only her. Funny how that works. So many have said how hard this would be going back to the baby stage and diapers, less sleep, etc. (and yes…there are many hard days) but to me I see it as a blessing that I GET to do this all over again. I know you all have heard me talk about my love for babies for many years now, well there is certainly no hiding what attracted me to this profession =) With that said, I thought I would share a quick picture of our sweet Hazel. She was tiny but is growing fast and warming our hearts each day.

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