In partnership with Tugboat and the Bird of Winter Park, holiday ornaments were sold to raise money for additional resources at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children's Child Life Program. Thank you to our community for all the support in making this donation happen!  

Arnold Palmer Hospital for children  

Child Life Program

Sharing Love Stationery was inspired and created by a single child determined to combine her passion for art and love for elephants into a business with a purpose. Each and every purchase from Sharing Love Stationery will benefit Elephant Conservation. Together we can make a difference. Find out more information here.

Sharing Love Stationery

Local Love

My husband and I have been long-time Ambassadors for both the Arnold Palmer and Winnie Palmer Hospitals and are very thankful for all that they have done for our children. Simply Shelby Photography has also been very involved with both these hospitals and has partnered with Tugboat & the Bird to organize volunteer events, fundraisers and activities. 
When Laura Haftel (owner of Tugboat & the Bird) and I presented a FAMILY volunteer night & tour idea to the Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation, they were more than happy to create this event just for us! This opportunity allowed our group of friends and family to tour both the hospitals in a small group, learn what is new in the world of children health, witness personal stories first hand, and become knowledgeable on new innovations. While the adults toured, our children created goodie bags for all the children at Arnold Palmer Hospital with the donation items they brought in. My daughter even donated her personal line of stationary so that cards can be made for each child. What a great way to give back during the summer! 

Arnold Palmer & Winnie Palmer Hospital

See the Difference Tour and Activity

An extension of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers, the NAPCP Ambassador Program takes an active role in building thriving communities of artists committed to growing their skills, their artistry, and their business. NAPCP Ambassadors are literally the eyes, ears, and face of the global association, kindling personal relationships and connections on a local level. By fostering connections and conversations, NAPCP Ambassadors enable the compassionate collaboration that is a hallmark of the NAPCP vision.

National Association of Professional Child Photographers

NAPCP Local Ambassador

After over a year of photographing the truly amazing nurses at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies, we finally celebrated the “Work of Heart” that now graces the halls of the postpartum floors. I can’t even begin to explain the overwhelming feeling of seeing the nurses again at the unveiling celebration and their precious little ones (now featured in large black & white portraits, finished with handpainted hardwood distressed frames). The once bare walls have now been transformed into a meaningful and warm display. I feel so very honored to be a part of such a great event and caring organization. After getting to know several of the Winnie Palmer executive team members during this event, I am even further convinced that we all are so very blessed to have their resources, technology and "heart" here in Orlando. 

Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies

Work of Heart

The Tiny Baby Ball was beautifully planned with a purpose to celebrate and honor the Alexander Center for Neonatology located at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies. To say that I am passionate about this organization (along with Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children) is an understatement. We celebrated along with over 600 others the Miracles they perform at this hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). We are so fortunate to have the very best & brightest doctors, nurses and professionals on earth right here in Orlando. I was deeply touched as stories were shared and I looked around the room at so many just like us, there to learn more and eager to help in any way we can. We count our blessings each day that our children are healthy and will continue to spread the word about these two amazing organizations. It was truly my honor to capture the beautiful children featured on this night and show everyone their sweet smiles and big hearts. With the smallest birth weight of those featured being just 15 ounces, these babies are now growing, thriving and making the most of their second chance at life thanks to the technology and team at Winnie Palmer Hospital. We will continue to give our hearts out to both hospitals and welcome outreach from anyone who would like to join our cause. I thank each and every family that I had the pleasure to photograph. You all have deeply touched the core of my being along with many others….

Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies

Tiny Baby Ball

It was an incredible honor to capture the beginning of a dream come true thanks to the generous donation of two people. The 11th floor of Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies will now become part of the Alexander Center for Neonatalogy, expanding the NICU to a 142 bed unit, making it the largest in a single hospital in the United States. It is not every day that a person witnesses such a selfless gift to help support the growing needs of our community. Standing in the middle of an empty floor and learning of the future purpose and how many babies this expansion will help left me with no words...just my camera and a smile as I witnessed a miracle in the making.

Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies

NICU Expansion

Our Life In Focus Event (LIFE) was created to raise awareness of Congenital Heart Disease by donating to the Congenital Heart Institute (Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children). This donation was made possible by Trinity Lutheran School parents, students, church members, staff and many of my Simply Shelby families. Together we raised over $600 and an invaluable amount of toys for their Child Life Program. In addition to the gift of giving, FIVE family portrait mini sessions were presented to five of our Trinity families along with a FREE 8x10 mounted print of their choice from Simply Shelby Photography. Thank you again to everyone with a very special heartfelt thanks to Darlene Sabin for helping to put this event together at Trinity and Dena Pichardo, Sheri Mosley and Sandy Atkinson of Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Together we really made a difference!

Arnold Palmer Hospital for children

Life In Focus