Tiny Babies, Big Miracles

Last night, my husband and I attended the 2013 Tiny Baby Ball, honoring the Alexander Center for Neonatology located at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies. To say that I am passionate about this organization (along with Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children) is an understatement. We celebrated along with over 600 others the Miracles they perform at this hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). We are so fortunate to have the very best & brightest doctors, nurses and professionals on earth right here in Orlando. I was deeply touched as stories were shared and I looked around the room at so many just like us, there to learn more and eager to help in any way we can. We count our blessings each day that our children are healthy and will continue to spread the word about these two amazing organizations. It was truly my honor to capture the beautiful children featured last night and show everyone their sweet smiles and big hearts. With the smallest birth weight of those featured being just 15 ounces, these babies are now growing, thriving and given a second chance at life thanks to the technology and team at Winnie Palmer Hospital. We will continue to give our hearts out to both hospitals and welcome outreach from anyone who would like to join our cause. You can also donate online by going to http://tinybabyball.com. I thank each and every family that I had the pleasure to photograph. You all have deeply touched my heart along with many others… -Shelby

*A special thank you to friend and community partner, Laura Haftel, Owner of Tugboat & the Bird, for sharing your passion, beautiful clothing and heart with these families. I am lucky to know you!

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