Back to School

We are officially back to school and still trying to adjust to homework, after school activities and early mornings. Like me, my kiddos are not too fond of getting up early or being rushed out the door. We are slowly getting better each day and are proud to announce that we have not a single “tardy” yet! I must say that having both my kiddos in school now and no longer Pre-K, I feeling a bit like an “empty nester”. As much as I crave a few moments of silence, this is way too much. I find myself lingering at drop off and walking very slowly to the gate. Sigh….how did my teeny tiny babies get here so quickly? Well, the good news is that I have truly missed all my families and am looking forward to seeing each and every one of you =) At least I get to love on your kiddos while mine are in school…the perks to my job! As I get caught up, I will leave you with some images of one of my dear friends and her beautiful family…I was truly honored that she asked me to capture the special moment…

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