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Colorado Portrait Photography

Last summer I had the honor of traveling to Colorado to capture memories at this family’s stunning mountain home. Not only did they welcome me into their home to stay, play and experience the beautiful town, they welcomed my daughter who happened to already be traveling with me at the time. This is one of those moments when you realize that you are not JUST a photographer. You are not JUST taking pictures. You are not JUST providing a service and a photographic product. You are a part of the family at that moment, giving you the unique ability to capture authentic and true moments. While I have so many more images that I could post, I did want to show the end result. Because their home was full of rich color, dark wood and stunning paintings in beautiful ornate frames, we decided to match the style with this FINE ART PAINTED PORTRAIT. We hand selected this image to be digitally painted, printed, pressed onto canvas, brushstrokes applied to the canvas, sprayed and then framed in a gorgeous three inch gold frame that would compliment the home. I am so grateful to this family for trusting me with this investment and being open to the idea of something different. Most importantly I am grateful for their hospitality and their friendship. Thank you!

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