Love Is In The Air

Little Valentines special!

Valentines Day recently came and let me just say-love was definitely in the air. Everything about Valentines day makes me smile; paper strung hearts, hand written love notes, and boxes of chocolates. What I really adore about Valentines Day though is appreciating our families and showing how much we love them. This year, I surprised my children with a box of chocolates and a few other trinkets to express my love for them. The way their eyes lit up was worth every penny, even the abundant amount of energy they had after all the sugar! Everyone needs a reminder every once in a while about how much you love them-and that is exactly what Valentines Day is for. In fact, we can spread Valentines Day throughout the whole year by giving gentle reminders to those we love just how much we care about them. Who doesn’t love a good spontaneous hug, right? To all my families-I love you so very much and everyone of you make me feel loved as well. I truly hope you all enjoyed your Valentines Day!

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