Behind the Scenes

I love when everyone comments on how good my children must be in front of the camera, having grown up with a photographer mom. How they must behave so well and provide the perfect smiles at just the right moment. Well…..that is not all true =) I absolutely have to pump my children up and involve maybe a wee bit of bribery to enjoy some cooperation. There is the same amount of thinking and rethinking that goes into our wardrobe and then trying to convince my children to wear it. We always have a tough time getting everyone ready and of course this mom also gets stressed. We then agree to start the shoot and have all our wonderful and not so wonderful moments play out in front of my camera. Here’s the thing…..I end up loving, cherishing, framing and sharing all the crazy moments! Why? Because that is just us. We are perfectly IMPERFECT and your typical family trying to enjoy life, savor moments, learn from mistakes, grow in ways we could never imagine and some days just survive. I am usually not publicly candid (on FB, Instagram or even blogging) about life or parenthood but anyone who knows me well will tell you that I am not afraid to share in person and tell you just how real we are. These real moments are the ones I would not trade for the world. These moments are the ones that will forever make me smile. Enjoy this picture of my three angels!

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