Sweet Baby

So my poor blog has been quite neglected over the past few months…It seems like the holidays came and went and now we are starting to enjoy some sweet sunshine and maybe a glimpse of our soon to come spring. I have been immersed in putting together some new and exciting products for all my families and a few fun projects for two different magazines with my amazing partners from Tugboat and the Bird and Pink Oranges. Also I will be sending out some information soon on how you can participate in the “Simply Oranges & the Bird” charity event and enjoy a little fun, fashion and photos while giving to one of our near-and-dear local charities. So although my blog has been a bit lonely, I assure you I will pay more attention and try to keep everyone updated on all the latest news =)

Speaking of latest news….Just loved spending time with this family and their sweet new baby girl. Even more of a treat to finish her gallery and present it to these wonderful new parents!

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