Day at the Beach

A beautiful day at the beach that will definitely go down in my books as my most memorable. Let’s just say that I will keep my eye out for metal toy boats (as spotted in the photos below) while running barefoot on the beach chasing little wild ones. A few stitches and a tetanus shot later and back to my computer I go to edit the images for this lovely family. We all worked very hard to capture the sand, salt and waves below. Although our session was cut a little short, I honestly would not change a thing….

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  1. Sigh. Being a skeptic means being able to change your point of view to fit with indisputable evidence. I read the fracking article and I believe you have changed my mind, Brian. Nice work on that one, and this one, too. It’s a shame we lost somebody like Steve to hokum like that.

  2. Great work here carry on the fitness passion ..for 23 years in central Ky! I owe it all to my former strength coach from high school Jim Donlon! He was an all American at Centre College and he was second in 1982 powerlifting in KY

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