Last weekend I spent two full days soaking in as much as I could from two extremely talented photographers, Stacy Larsen and Kira DerryBerry. It is so awesome to be in an industry where others are not afraid to open up, share and inspire. All of us artists need a little inspiration and creative fun every now and then. The best part about this workshop was not only learning from these two women but also meeting and learning from 8+ others from all over and sharing our stories and ideas. I really think that this differentiates those who move forward in this industry….having a great network of similar professionals and spending the time and money to further our skills and stay current. I am a strong believer in surrounding myself with positive people who love to learn and love what they do. Although I consider myself a wife and a mother first, this is truly my passion and I want that to show more than anything in my work. Here is a little sneaky peek of what Stacy and Kira had lined up for us. Thanks to all the wonderful women I met!

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