All is Merry and Bright…

The tree and stockings are up and I am officially playing Christmas music around the clock. This is absolutely my favorite time of year! Holiday sessions are coming to a close and it is time for me to start my Christmas shopping. There are so many holiday activities to do in Orlando and I am not sure where to start. Last weekend we went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and stayed for the entire park to glow with lights and snow (ok, it was foam) to be sprayed over the crowd below. The best part was to see the look on the faces of my kiddos!
While there are more good things to come I will leave you with this little reminder of how sweet life is…

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  1. Stacy Blake says:

    Love these newborn photos…absolutely precious!

  2. Kim Dill says:

    Oh my gosh Shelby these photos would make any mom wanna have another baby, no matter how chaotic it is – absolutely precious!

  3. Dana Loncar says:

    I am a friend of Kim Dill’s and have seen your awesome work with her cute girls! Love the new blog!

  4. Abigail Roofner says:

    Shelby I love these pics! They are so cute and you captured such unique and sweet expressions:)

  5. Stacy Back says:

    These baby pics are SO SO S cute!!! Awesome!!!

  6. shelbyf says:

    Thanks everyone. I had to fight the urge for a third child after this session =)

  7. kimberlee artz says:

    oh my bundles of cuteness!

  8. Colette Reid says:

    Love these baby shots…they are so precious in HIS sight!!! And you capture every ounce of their preciousness!

  9. Heather G says:

    So sweet! There is nothing cuter than a sleeping newborn! Beautiful pics!

  10. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    I wish I would have had you all take my daughter Maddys baby pictures! These are toooo cute!

  11. Andi Diamond says:

    Beautiful newborn portraits, Shelby! So proud of you!

  12. Kristi says:

    A cute sleeping baby is pure joy!!! These pictures are great!

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